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CLA-120 Full Automatic Chemiluminescence Immunoassay System
CLA-120 Full Automatic Chemiluminescence Immunoassay System
  • Innovative System
    Innovative System

    Integrated testing: incubation, washing and detection all-in-one, improving efficiency

    Intelligent software: full automatic intelligent control technology, low system failure rate

  • Excellent Performance
    Excellent Performance

    Rapid detection: 120 T/H, first result in 15 minutes

    High precision: CV≤3%

  • Compactness & Convenience
    Compactness & Convenience

    Small: highly integrated and simplified patented design, comprehensive optimization of the spatial layout of functions

    User-friendly interface: integrated touch screen and machine body, all consumables online real-time loading

  • High Sensitivity
    High Sensitivity

    Direct chemiluminescence platform: direct chemiluminescence analysis system for magnetic particle acridinium esters, with higher sensitivity and faster luminescence

  • High Reliability
    High Reliability

    ISO13485 certificated

    Perfect medical device production management system